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We're a full-service production company that works with brands and non-profits who make the world a better place.

By creating genuine and powerful narratives that take the form of documentaries, commercials and branded content, we share our clients’ passion for what they do and why their work is important. We help brands powerfully engage viewers to tell stories that are bigger than any one of us on our own.

Reverie works in places all over the world, and is proudly based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.



Joseph Terranova

Joseph Terranova

Joseph began his career as a photographer and cinematographer in Uganda, East Africa before moving back to the United States to pursue film-making full-time in 20013. Joseph is Founder, Producer and Director at Reverie. He enjoys soccer, motorcycles, and avoiding hot weather. He lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife, two children, cat and fish.


Alejandro Zapata

Alejandro began his career documenting touring musicians, spending years in recording studios and music venues shooting content for brands featuring artists such as The Killers, Troye Sivan, and Bruce Springsteen. Alejandro serves as Reverie's Director of Photography. He loves spending time with his dog, Pacer, and running absurdly long distances in the mountains.


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